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Plant Powered

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Simple | Organic | Plant-Powered

Decadent blends of antioxidant-rich plant extracts and nutrient-dense botanicals meticulously infused with Full Spectrum, Phytocannabinoid dense Hemp extract working as one to reduce pain and inflammation while also healing, nourishing, and feeding our skin.

Hydrate | Nourish

This soothing antioxidant-rich créme works to protect your skin from environmental damage, calm reactive skin, and restore your skin's moisture balance, thus making it the perfect addition to your self-care routine.

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An Amazing Find!

"I've also been using the salve for lower back pain. I have to say I have experienced major relief with only needing to apply a small amount with each product. I was wondering is it possible to receive these items using autoship?"



"This is the best product I have ever used for a pain and I have used many of the CBD oils and none compare to Lily pearl a little dabs on where it hurts and 5 minutes later
no pain for the rest of the day and the night"

Bobi Newler


"Salvation is AMAZING! The other day I walked five miles and that night pain ran up the back of my leg. The next morning the pain was worse and I remembered I had a jar of Salvation. I rubbed it on the back of my leg and the pain went away in 15 minutes. I walked five miles today and the pain has not returned. Thank you for Salveation!!!"


My new favorite thing

"I threw my back out one day (to the point that it hurt to breath and it felt like my back pain had its own heart beat) and purchased a Nano CBD balm to use on my back for two days with very little relief. I decided to try this Salve-ation and within 20 minutes my back pain dissipated. It didn't register that my back pain was completely gone until I picked up the end of the couch for my wife and she said, your back pain is gone! Thank you! I'm hooked!"