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Calms Reactive Skin | Eases Muscle Aches

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Nourishing | Ache Easing | After Sun Care

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Potent | Joint and Muscle Relief

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Lillypearlbeauty Co. is a decadent blend of antioxidant-rich plant extracts and nourishing, nutrient dense botanicals that leave your skin hydrated, healthy, and protected against environmental damage. Our flagship relief topicals were born out of the desperate need to manage my own chronic ailments organically and have helped so many to finally find relief. LillyPearlBeauty Co. is plugged in to the unique synergistic benefits that plants provide without toxic, synthetic, or artificial ingredients. We believe that "Simple | Organic | Plant-Based" is more than simply a tagline, it's a lifestyle. Welcome!


In love with the Body Mousse ! I apply it before an after my shift as i’m a hair stylist and braid about 10-15 heads a day. This product helps my hands after a long stressful day on my hands! 


Our grandmother wasn’t really for using cannabis products until she tried Salve*ation and it helped her leg so much. She loves it and sticks behind it. Great stuff!!


This Infused Body Oil gave me instant relief! I have been dealing with back pain for sometime and this is the very first product that worked quick!